Intelligent Building Systems

Intelligent building is the future of building industries. Most modern commercial and residential buildings are planned with the objective of decreasing expenses by reducing energy consumption. Enhancing energy preservation strategies and using sustainable design approaches are necessary factors in developing this field.
The integration between all systems reside in the building will be the key to achieve the goals for the modern intelligent buildings. The system in a building includes but not limited to, such as HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning, including chiller control and sequencing), power and electrical system, lighting, will be integrated with other building system such Fire Alarm System, Access Control and Security Systems, and other interrelated systems will go through a Integrated Building Management System (IBMS).
In this field the kind of constructions, involvement since the design stage, up to installation and commissioning stage, the 30 years of experiences and expertise are the keys for PT. JAGA CITRA INTI keep contributing and taking role in the business. Nonetheless, the success of the journey of Intelligent Building construction are by using supported credible brands with have specialty in the fields, such long cooperation and connection with JOHNSON CONTROLS, NOTIFIER by HONEYWELL and GALLAGHER.